There are a number of bars nigh clubs and cafes in Ierapetra, so you don't need a guide to find the nightlife. Nightlife will find you.
Varying in popularity from month to month.
Some are very fashionable whilst others are more traditional. You'll be able to find all sort of music played: Greek, 60s rock, modern rock, pop and Cretan.
All tend to start late, winding down at about 5am.
Whatever music you want to hear you will find it in the streets around the boat terminal for Chrissi island.
This is a small Cocktail bar next to the sea front.
It has a modern decor and a soothing view over the harbor.
Is an open cafe with nice retro decor. Cactus generates high-voltage glamour on summer evenings.
Cafe California
This is one of the oldest breakfast-brunch cafes in town. Danny and Janneke will serve you the best breakfast in town.
Cafe Parodos
Behind the archaeological museum, with a good variety of books. The stone interior with its shiny wood bar creates a relaxed, inviting space.
Cafe Scenario
This relaxed cafe bar attracts people of all ages.
It is open all day long.
This traditional snack bar, with its big garden attracts the young local people.
The garden is always full and the atmosphere friendly.
On the rocks
Overlooking the harbor with good ice cream, colorful cocktails and international good music.
Housed in an old building. Portego serves coffee, drinks and good food. There is a good selection of rock music playing in the background.
Pyrsos Club
Big and brass, it is the flashiest nightspot.
Saxo Bar
This is a good spot for Rock music.
Seven blue notes
This is the oldest disco-bar in town
A flashy disco with a booming sound is the centerpiece of the summer nights.
Small Cafe
Manolis wil serve you, the best esspreso in town.
Good snacks, excellent music. This old building has a nice back garden for summer, and in winter you can warm up next to the fireplace.
This bar has a good selection of contemporary Greek popular music on cds.

The most classic cafe - pastry shop in the center of the town.

Waikiki would have to be the classiest bar in town. It is open all day and caters to all tastes.
Internet Cafes
In the area of Ierapetra you'll find Internet cafes, usually with an ISDN connection for which you will pay about 2 € a half hour.
Dolphin cafe in Koutsounari
Clobe in cafe in Ierapetra
Net cafe in Ierapetra
Space cafe in Ierapetra
In Ierapetra you will find two cinemas
and Aura.
Both of them are located in the town center, showing first-run movies in their original language. English-language films are shown in English with Greek subtitles.

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