Crete is the largest island in Greece, 5th largest in the Mediterranean and 11th in Europe. It covers an area of 8331 sq. km. and it has a population of 600.000 inhabitants.
Crete's length from east to west is 260 km. The biggest width is 60 km from the Stavros cape to the Lithinon cape, while the smallest is 12 km and is called "isthmus of Ierapetra".

Ierapetra is situated on the southeast coast with approx. 10km coastlines and is the fourth largest town of Crete. Its total area covers 400,52 Km2 and its population is 12.500 inhabitants. Modern Ierapetra is built on the exact site where the ancient Ierapetra was. The town faces the Lybian Sea and is only 368 km away from the north African coast.
It has the reputation of being the southern most town in Europe. With 202 mm of rainfall it is the sunniest, hottest region of Greece, where the temperature rarely drops below 12 C. all year long. It has many beautiful sandy beaches for all tastes. Some are hidden, tiny little bays, enclosed by extraordinarily "sculptured" rocks, others are long and wide. The lovely countryside with endless, olive groves, fruit trees and green houses is heart-warming.
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