Villages of Ierapetra
Ierapetra is the ideal starting point for unlimited excursions to the picturesque mountain and seaside Ierapetra provinces.
The scenery is constantly changing. In one place harsh and barren, in another wooded and gentle.
From the Selakano forest in Males to the sea shore, from the western villages of Myrtos and Gra Lygia, to the Eastern Koutsounari and Ferma, from the villages of Anatoly, Makrylia, Episkopi to the North villages of Kavousi and Pano Chorio, the visitor can discover the traditional atmosphere and life style of unspoiled Crete. Olive trees, orange groves, vineyards, early vegetable market Gardens.
Old stone farmhouses, monasteries and villages perched on mountain ridges, castles and chapels forgotten on steep slopes. Shores lined with forbidding rocks, often inaccessible, but also lots of endless sandy or pebbly beaches.
Nearly14km from Ierapetra is the beautiful village of Anatoli, with pine trees and almond trees that blossom in March and completely transform the village at that time.
Its altitude is about 640 m and the drive to the village through the mountains is something you should try.
The village of Episkopi is 7km north from Ierapetra. There is an architecturally interesting Byzantine church,
the church of Agios Georgios, on the east side of the village square.
Gra lygia, is located 4.5 km west of Ierapetra at the coastal area between the torrents of Stomio and Gra Ligia. From Gra Ligia started in 1966 the growth of the greenhouse production, which nowadays is the main source of income for the inhabitants of the county.
The village of Kalamafka is 11km northwest of Ierapetra.Kalamafka is impressively situated on the edge of a mountainside.
The village is well known for its natural beauties, its plane trees, olive trees and its running waters.
The chapel of Timios Stauros stands on the top of the hill. From the top of the hill you can see both coastlines north and south Crete.
The village of Kavoussi is located at the northern coast of the county of Ierapetra, and it is the easternmost village of the county.
It is 19 km from Ierapetra, built on the foot of the hill "Afentis" at 140m a.s.l
Koutsounari, a coastal village, 10.5 km east of Ierapetra, is the seat of the municipality.
At Koutsounari there is one of the longest and prettiest beaches of Ierapetra (long beach).
The village of Males is located 22km northwest of Ierapetra. It is the site of the ancient town of Malla.
Malla was an independent town, and an inscription discovered information about a treaty between Malla and Lyttos in the third century B.C.
During the Venetian occupation Males was the largest village in Ierapetra province. The area near Males contains some interesting Byzantine churches and monasteries.
The village of Mithi is located 20km east of Ierapetra on the road to Mirtos.
The village of Myrtos is a coastal village at the western part of the county of Ierapetra, located 14.5 km from Ierapetra.
The coastal resort of Pahia Ammos is on your way from Ierapetra to Agios Nikolaos. There is a sandy beach within 20 m and it is considered a quiet family resort. It is 15 km north of Ierapetra.

In Pahia Ammos there are many chapels of architectural and historical interest, amongst them the monastery of Faneromeni
Vainia is located 4 km northeast of the town on a hill overlooking the town of Ierapetra and the surrounding area.
At the top of the hill, at a place called "Vaini" was a Venetian tower which used to be the base for the operations of the local revolutionists against the Tukish invaders.
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