Ierapetra is a a town where notable cultural events take place especially during the summer season, making a visitor's stay an interesting and memorable experience.

A number of cultural events in the town of Ierapetra and the villages of the municipality start at the beginning of July and last until the end of August. A variety of performances, musical, theatrical and dancing ones, take place as well as lectures, painting, photography and athletic exhibitions.

Spring cultural festival
Taking place during March to May including dance and theatre, art exhibitions, lectures ant talks.

In recent years the Carnival in Ierapetra has been becoming a bigger and better event each year offering yet another opportunity for fun and enjoyment for both the Greek people and visitors during the days leading up to the start of lent.

Nautical week
The " Nautical week" is celebrated every August with swimming competitions, water sports events and a fireworks display.
Raki feast
The feast of raki on May in the village of Kavousi.

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